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100+ Funny Birthday Wishes and Messages – Funniest B-day Status SMS

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Happy Birthday Funny Messages

  1. If you want to know whether you’re old this birthday, try this simple test. If you need children to help you blow the candles out, you’re definitely over the hill.
  2. You’re a very picky person, and it was hard to find you a gift. So, in the end, I got you nothing! Happy Birthday!
  3. You can have a barrel of monkeys, a parliament of owls or a murder of crows. But what’s the collective noun for birthdays – an embarrassment of birthdays? Have a great birthday, but try not to disgrace yourself this year.
  4. Happy Birthday! They say that growing older is an art, if that’s true then you must be a Picasso.
  5. As long as you stay away from the karaoke machine, I’m sure your birthday will be fun for everyone. Here’s to an awesome party (let’s leave the singing to the professionals)!
  6. The funny thing about birthdays is that they’re never quite what you expect. But if you expect the unexpected, you should be fine – happy birthday!
  7. Age is a funny business: some women lie about their age and some men don’t act theirs! Happy Birthday!
  8. Happy 21st Birthday! YOU WISH!
  9. Happy Birthday – you may be another year older but I’m not sure you’re another year wiser. Oh well, plenty of time for that later!
  10. Happy Birthday, I think you’re swell. I know your age but I’ll never tell!
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  12. You know what they say… what comes up, must come down. However, that’s not true when it comes to your age. It keeps going up! Happy Birthday!
  13. I know what I’m going to buy you for your next birthday: a bigger cake to fit all the candles! Happy Birthday!
  14. Happy Birthday! It’s your party and you can cry if you want to, but that wouldn’t be much fun for the rest of us so we’d prefer it if you have a few drinks and did something indecent and stupid. All the best.
  15. When your birthdays come more often than you do, it’s time to start worrying. Hope you get lucky this birthday!
  16. Happy Birthday! Hope you’re paid up your with insurance, you know, considering all the candles that are going to be put on your cake and all.
  17. Look on the bright side, you’re not as old as you will be on your next birthday. Happy Birthday!
  18. Happy Birthday! We have the fire department on standby for when we light the candles on your cake.
  19. I was going to make you a rum cake for your birthday, unfortunately, now I’m drunk and it’s just a cake. Happy Birthday!
  20. What goes up must come down, except if it’s your birthday because age is the exception to the rule. I say rules were made to be broken so have a brilliant birthday – the sky’s the limit!
  21. Happy Birthday! From this year onward, you’ll notice that your back will go out more times than you!

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