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Late Happy Birthday Poems for Boyfriend – Belated Birthday Wishes for Him

10 beautiful collections of Late Happy Birthday Poems for Boyfriend – Belated Birthday Wishes for Him with pictures.   Late Happy Birthday for Boyfriend Images

Belated Happy Birthday Poems

My pain has cut deep into my heart
I just can’t seem to get a fresh start
My guilt has seeped into my mind
There is nothing I can do to unwind
My regret has grown on the double
For ruining a day which is so special
My sorrow has reached its ultimate peak
Your forgiveness now, is all that I seek
Happy belated birthday


I know that you are cross
I know you are super angry
I know you are sad
All because of me
I know you are disappointed
I know you feel let down
I also know that I am
The reason for your frown
But I promise to replace
Your scowl with a smile
I will make up to you
Even though it’ll take a while
Happy belated birthday

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I forgot the birthday
Of my dearest boyfriend
I’ve been crying ever since
My life has come to an end
Come to me sweetheart
Give me a loving hug
I want to cuddle you
In your arms, I want to be snug
I am truly sorry
I will never do this again
I have suffered enough
I don’t want to cause more pain
Belated happy birthday


You have a good chance
To make me dance
On the tune you want me to
Since I forgot to wish you
Your wish is my command
I will do as you demand
But only on one condition
That you will be the one
To forgive me and say
Everything between us is okay
Happy belated birthday

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I have said sorry
Not once but repeatedly
I have apologized
To you constantly
What will it take to get
You to forgive me
My heart is shattered
Baby, can’t you see
Please forget all this
And hug me lovingly
Your birthday is now engraved
In my heart permanently
Belated happy birthday

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Today there is no excuse
That I can freely use
For not wishing you
And making you blue
Today there is no reason
Not even a single one
That I can freely give
With which I can live
Forgetting your birthday
Could have been God’s way
To make me realize
That our relationship is a prize
Sorry to take you for granted
This mess is not what I wanted
Starting afresh is what I will do
Let me begin by wishing you
Happy belated birthday


I didn’t wish you on your birthday
That is my bad
But I can’t bear to see
Your face which looks so sad
I’ll do everything it takes
To make you smile and smirk
I’ll do whatever is needed
To make things between us work
Belated happy birthday


You could have done what not
To prove that I don’t love you a lot
You could have yelled at me
To make me feel guilty
You could have created chaos
Our relationship could’ve gone for a toss
But you didn’t create hullabaloo
Even though I forgot to wish you
Instead you put my fears to rest
That is why I say, you are the best
Belated happy birthday


My Facebook is filled
With quotes saying sorry
My Pinterest is overflowing
With many an apology
I have retweeted
So many beautiful sayings
I have posted many
Remorseful writings
All of this I have done
To say sorry to you
I will never hurt you again
For boyfriends like you are few
Happy belated birthday

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Wishes You Belated Happy Birthday for Boyfriend Quotes Wallpapers Images

I still can’t understand
How I wasn’t there with you
As you celebrated your birthday
Welcoming an year new
As your girlfriend I have
Badly let you down
I promise to do everything
That wipes out your frown
Belated happy birthday

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