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Birthday wishes for sister-in-law – Happy Birthday Quotes Pictures Message

Birthday wishes for sister-in-law: Looking for ways to say Happy Birthday to your sister-in-law? This post shares ideas for cute messages, sweet quotes and funny greetings you can write on your sister-in-law’s birthday card. Whether she is your husband’s sister, brother’s wife or wife’s sister – embrace her as a part of your extended family and join in the birthday celebration. Share your love with everyone in the family by tagging them all in your sister-in-law’s birthday wish on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. She may not be your real blood sister, but the coming years may bring you closer to her than your own siblings.

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 Birthday wishes for sister-in-law

1) I feel jealous of you because all the focus and attention of the family has shifted from me as the child of the house to you as the new bride of the house. But deep down in my heart I know that you deserve it. Happy birthday dear sister-in-law.


2) Thank God that I have a sister-in-law like you who tells me all the dark secrets of her brother. Otherwise, I wonder how I would tease and taunt my husband. Happy birthday.


3) Do you know how much my wife and I love you? Every time I tell her that you are the most adorable sister-in-law in the world, she actually agrees with me. Happy birthday.


4) When you were a baby, you gave your parents a million reasons to smile. When you were growing up, you gave your brother a million reasons to smile. When you got married, you gave your husband a million reasons to smile. And when I got married to your brother, you became my sister-in-law and gave me a hundred reasons to smile. Happy birthday to the woman who gives everyone a million reasons to smile.


5) You give me what my parents never chose to gave me, what my husband can never give me and what my friends tried hard to give me but they couldn’t – Sisterhood. Happy birthday to my sister-in-law.

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